Chocolate-flavored foods, as well as other sweet and fatty dessert foods, are designed to turn on appetite even when your hunger has been satisfied. When such foods appear, you begin to salivate, and your pancreas begins to secrete extra insulin in preparation for dealing with the sugar in the food. Both of these reactions actually make you feel hungry, even though you have already eaten. Indeed, every cell in your body seems to turn on all over again and scream, "Eat, eat!"

Candy and most other foods that fall into what is called the "junk-food" category are very hard to resist because of their "supernormal" status. If you have a choice of one of these foods (candy, cake, pie, cookies) or a more natural food, such as fruit, the supernormal food is almost certain to win out. Thus, it becomes very hard for an overweight person to exercise an appropriate choice of foods for weight control when "supernormal" foods are present to compete with normal foods at any given meal or at snack-time.

After I hand out the bar of chocolate to our group of weight-management participants, I ask them whether they can, even in their imagination, see themselves doing exactly what it will take to live with that candy (or whatever food tempts them the most to overeat) and not eat it when it is constantly present in their environments. You might take a moment and do the same thing: can you, in your imagination, see yourself in situations with all of the foods that tempt you the most doing exactly what you are going to need to do for the rest of your life to control your weight?

If you can't even imagine yourself doing what you need to do to deal with these situations effectively, how can you ever expect to do it in reality?

Because it is a natural physiological reaction to "turn on" in the presence of "supernormal" foods, the very best strategy for permanent weight management is to control their presence, that is, rarely allow yourself to be in their presence so that you do not have to battle constantly with temptation.

But such control over yourself or your environment is not always possible. I know many of you will have families that bring junk food in unexpectedly, and you may feel that the persons in your family who do not have a problem with their weight should not have to be inconvenienced by your desire to eliminate junk food in the home. Besides, wouldn't it feel great to know that you can control your "binging" without gaining weight? Although we normally do not keep quantities of high-calorie foods around the house, right now we have been celebrating the Christmas holidays with visiting house guests and dinner parties. We have one of my wife's incomparable chocolate cheesecakes in the refrigerator, one of my daughter's delicious pumpkin pies right out on the kitchen table, and a quart of my own homemade rum-raisin ice cream in the freezer. (The ice cream is pretty good, too.) Twenty-two years ago I might have overeaten and gained weight with all of these delicious desserts around the house, but not today. I am enjoying these creations - every single one of them - but in moderation.



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Curiosity. Fear. Hope. Without the facts, without knowing how old you really are, you can't adjust your own biological clock. How can you set your alarm clock to wake you up at a certain time if you don't know what time it is when you activate the bell? How can you know how long you biscuits have to bake if you don't know what time you first put them ill the oven? How do you know when to start supper if you don't know when your guests will arrive? How much more important to know exactly where you are starting from, where the hands of your very own biological clock are right now, this minute, in order to turn them back to fifty, forty| thirty, even twenty?

Our body is a well-set clock, which keeps good time, but if it be too much or indiscreetly tampered with, the alarm runs out before the hour.

—Joseph Hall

And believe me, most of us want to be younger. I know I wanted it We want the energy, the vigour, the glow that we had two, ten or even twenty years ago. We want the agility, the health, the posture, the flame| that burns so brightly in a youthful body and flickers and dims in ageing one. I know I did. We want to finally win the battle of the bulging waistline that seems almost an inevitability of age. I know I did.

That's how I started. With research and more research until I found the very best, simplest and most understandable ageing tests available. I did them. I measured my own age. And as a result I was able to count in double digits (that's in the tens plus) the number of years that dropped away and the pounds that disappeared. These tests were my beginning. They must be yours. Without these tests you will not be able to fully experience the programme. You won't be able to appreciate the progress you have made. You won't have an accurate record of just how much younger and thinner you have become. You won't enjoy the new you that will emerge years younger and pounds thinner and healthier from the Fountain of Youth.


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